Apoorva Katpatal, egomonk 

Excerpt: Hena tells us she knows she represents a possibility; a different mode of being. She has made it her purpose to push conversations forward so that they empower others with hope and the tools to improve life. By not looking 'like a Muslim' or 'typically queer,' Hena has opened up difficult conversations about prejudices and stereotypes surrounding identity - and helped break some preconceived notions. For this, she proposes the practical philosophy of "questioning together." 

Sunalini Mathew, The Hindu 

The focus was on Indian men taking on being primary caregivers for their parents/children; I spoke on the incidence of caregiver burnout and challenges in caregiving for others along with managing societal expectations.

Lasya Nadimpally and Shachi Nelli, The Wire 

I shared my thoughts on today's youth feeling emotionally distant from our families due to the ongoing sociopolitical climate, and its increasingly stressful and isolating impacts. 

Preeti Singh and Aakshat Sinha, Mind At Ease 

As part of their Awareness series on coping, I sat down with Aakshat on Instagram Live to talk about the mental health challenges faced by senior citizens. 

Devina Buckshee, The Quint 

I described my work principles in practice: a focus on being anti-oppressive, nonjudgmental, mindful of the privileges from my position as a therapist, and utilising those to be an ally.

Belongg Mental Health Collective 

This expert-led panel discussion conducted by Belongg highlighted the need for customised mental health services for people facing identity-based discrimination. I spoke about the experiences of religious and ethnic minorities. 

Devina Buckshee, The Quint 

I talked to Devina about the unprecedented mental health impact of COVID-19. I also offered some ways to manage these feelings of depression, stress, and worry related to the pandemic. 

Belongg Mental Health Collective 

I and Pampak (Manipur-based therapist) co-facilitated a session for Belongg to discuss isolation and discrimination during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Anam Ajmal, Times of India

Older adults have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and I share insights from working with senior citizens. 

Anam Ajmal, Times of India

For many young people, the Delhi protests and its associated sociopolitical pressures have led to the emergence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and the growing need for trauma-informed mental health care. 

Vidya Raja, The Better India

On the 10th anniversary of the 2008 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, I recounted my contribution as a case fieldworker in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) project working with survivors and families.